Talend Master Data Management Platform (MDM)


Talend MDM is a model-driven, non intrusive solution easily adaptable to specific business needs and quick to implement. It has been specifically developed to address the challenges of creating and managing master data for all types of organizations where data is hosted under various formats in various systems and can be extremely volatile.

Talend Master Data Management (MDM) groups all the company’s master data of the company in a central hub. This standardized repository provides, via the use of Data Models, the prerequisites against which data and updates are validated.

Talend MDM ensures the right people have the right tools to centrally model and manipulate master data. Its master data governance features are available through two different user interfaces: one is an administration tool called Talend Studio and the other is a web-based interface called Talend MDM Web User Interface.

The chart below illustrates the main building blocks (Talend Studio, Web browser ,MDM server & MDM database) of Talend MDM.


Below page describes in detail the architecture that make up the Talend MDM Platform and its Logical Architecture, Physical Architecture & Sizing guidelines.


Talend Master Data Management Embedded Architecture


Key Features

  • Data model creation
  • Security / Audit
  • Event management
  • Data quality
  • Data stewardship
  • Survivorship
  • Multi-domain
  • BPM and workflow
  • Batch and real-time integration

Logical Reference Architecture

Talend MDM architecture can be broken down into functional blocks that enable interaction between users and the MDM Hub and their corresponding IT needs. For more details on the individual components of Logical Architecture please refer Talend Help documentation.

The following chart illustrates the main architectural functional blocks.

alt text

Physical Reference Architecture

Key Components


Workstation/Server Role OS CPU RAM SSD Disk Size
Client PC Windows/Linux/Mac 4 Cores i7 Processor or equivalent 16 GB 500 GB
Talend Administration Center Windows/Linux 4 Cores 8 GB RAM Minimum, 32 GB Recommended for 1000s of Jobs 300GB+ Minimum (for software & logs)
Job Server(s) Windows/Linux 4 Cores Minimum,8+ Cores Recommended 16 GB RAM Minimum,128 GB Recommended 300+ GB
Centralized Log Server Windows/Linux 4 Cores Minimum 16 GB RAM 300+ GB
Data Prep & Data Stewardship Server Windows/Linux 4 Cores Minimum 32 GB RAM 300+ GB
Shared Nexus Server Windows/Linux 4 Cores Minimum 8 GB RAM Minimum 300+ GB
Git Server (Better in Saas Mode) Windows/Linux 4 Cores Minimum 8 GB RAM Minimum 50+ GB
CI Server Windows/Linux 4 Cores Minimum,8 Cores Recommended 16 GB RAM 300+ GB
Database Cluster Depends on database technology, existing volume and rate of growth of Master Data. Always planned for 3 – 5 years of data growth.