Talend Data Mapper

Data Mapper

Talend Data Mapper (TDM) helps you work with complex hierarchical data, for example, nested or looping structures. This product lets you define and execute transformations (called “maps”) between data records or documents. Input and output structures can be defined manually or imported from a variety of formats, including XML, SWIFT, COBOL, CSV, EDI, XLS, or MySQL databases.

The Talend Data Mapper has three main parts:

  • Repository navigator : The Repository navigator is a tree view in the left pane consisting of structures, maps, and namespace containers. In the Talend Studio, the Repository navigator is located under the Hierarchical Mapper node, which can be found in the Data Mapper tab in the Mapping perspective; and in the Repository tab in the Integration and Mediation perspectives, under the Metadata node. When Talend Data Mapper is running in Eclipse without the Talend Studio, it is located in the Project Explorer.

  • Functions : The Functions tab in the left pane has all of the functions that can be used to create expressions.

  • Editor Area : The editor area contains an editor for each structure, map, or namespace container that is open. You can close an editor by clicking the [X] icon on the editor’s tab.

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