Talend Studio

Talend Studio

Talend Studio is a rich client that allows the user (such as a project manager, a developer or a DBA) to work on any Talend project for which he has authorization.

Talend Studio offers a comprehensive set of tools and functions for all its key capabilities including:

  • Integration
  • Activity monitoring Console

These tools are ALL accessible in different perspectives from one Studio

Key Features

  • Graphical Development
  • Broadest Connectivity (900+ components)
  • Real-time debugging
  • Auto Documentation
  • Shared Artifact Repository
  • Monitoring of processes

Technical Implementation

  • Eclipse-based IDE
  • One IDE per licensed developer

Ideal Developer PC

  • 8gb+ RAM, SSD Hard Disk, Fast multi-core Processor, Real-time AV exemptions

Perspectives (license-controlled)

  • Integration
  • MDM
  • BPM
  • Profiling
  • Mapping (Talend Data Mapper)
  • Component Designer
  • AMC
  • Data Explorer
  • Debug

Metadata is shared as appropriate between perspectives.

To read more about features of Talend Studio click Talend Help documentation